What person would choose to lay off the excellent Jesus Sanchez, one of the most rational, intelligent newspapermen in Los Angeles, when making the big, ugly cuts of up to 150 writers, editors, photographers and others that began today at the Los Angeles Times?

Jesus is not just a multi-talented guy — for instance, besides his business expertise he has both feet fully in the online world as a blogger, while a lot of seasoned writers at the Times still struggle with the concept of posting. But he also has a really, really good brain and a Rolodex to die for, and I hope to hell he grabs it off the desk and runs with it as he exits the building.

I notice that our very own Gustavo Arellano left a comment on the Times blog, LA Now, in which Gustavo really sums up the bad decisions on this initial list of 80 journos (the Tell Zell blog is supposed to have the list but it looks like it crashed for awhile today after getting linked by Fishbowl LA and others.) Gustavo says “Zell: Go to Hell.” Has a nice ring to it!

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