If you've been waiting expectantly, nachos in-hand, for the NFL's much-teased return to L.A., you might want to get comfortable, because this could take a while.

Contract talks between the players and team owners broke down Friday, possibly imperiling the 2011 season.

What does that mean for this team-less town?

It's certainly not good news:

Majestic Reality, the folks behind a plan to build a stadium for not one but two teams in the San Gabriel Valley, told us all they really need now is at least one NFL team to go forward with construction. Everything has been approved.

And while the competing proposal for a stadium near Staples Center downtown is really on day one in terms of planning and approval, its biggest make-or-break obstacle, at least according to the folks behind the plan, is … you guessed it … a team.

Los Angeles Stadium -- in concept.

Los Angeles Stadium — in concept.

Anschutz Entertainment Group, the company behind Staples and the prospective Farmers Field at the Los Angeles Convention Center, has stated that it has been anticipating a resolution to the league's labor talks as a cornerstone of the downtown plans. AEG has stated it's ready to invest $1 billion in the venue.

But if something doesn't change, they might have to add a year to the time line.

The players union stated Friday that it might disband after owners refused to give up desired financial data.

After several sessions withe a federal mediator, both sides walked away from the table.

We're not getting a team — or a stadium — until this gets worked out. And both L.A. stadium plans appear to need a team before they break ground.

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