Following LA Weekly's eye-opening report on the city's hit-and-run epidemic, one L.A. city Councilman wants something done.

Joe Buscaino is asking the LAPD to report to the council's Public Safety Committee “about what efforts are being undertaken by the Department to curtail hit-and-run incidents … “

The councilman's motion …

… cites the Weekly's reporting, namely that nearly half of all collisions in the city involve a driver who flees:

Of 20,000 annual incidents, 4,000 involve injuries and fatalities.

Buscaino also notes our observation that staffing at the LAPD's four traffic divisions is stretched woefully thin, sometimes with just 12 officers on duty for each area.

He wants the department to report back regarding “what additional resources, if any, would provide assistance to reduce the number of these incidents occurring within the City of Los Angeles.”

Local state Assemblyman Mike Gatto, meanwhile, also cited the Weekly's reporting in officially proposing a law last week that would change the statute of limitations on hit-and-run cases, allowing the clock to start running out once a suspect is identified and not from the time a collision happens.

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