Andres Martinez, late of the L.A. Times and currently at the New America Foundation think tank, opens a piece for Poder 360 with this tart observation about the state:

“Californians never tire of pointing out that if their state were a separate country, it would rank among the 10 largest economies of the world. True, but it would also vie with the likes of Argentina to sit atop the ranks of the fiscally reckless.”

Martinez might have juiced up his analogy a bit by likening Los Angeles to Haiti when it comes to employment opportunities. Today's Huffington Post carries a rating of 50 job-friendly/unfriendly cities by the Indeed search engine, and the top five are:
1. Washington, DC; 2. Jacksonville (FL); 

3. Baltimore; 4. Salt Lake City

5. New York. Where does L.A. fit in? No. 47 — just above Riverside, Miami and Detroit. According to Indeed, Los Angeles has one job position open for every eight job seekers.

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