The same do-nothing L.A. City Council that made every possible exception to its so-called economic boycott of Arizona, shut down libraries on Mondays and cut overtime for the town's already limited police force is now telling folks they can't smoke — pretty much anywhere.

(This during the same week Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said “No one cares if you smoke a joint or not.” Go figure).

Doesn't this council have better things to do? Alcohol, car accidents and even fast food also kill people. In fact …

… our commenter of the day, Logic!, says a lot more lives could be saved if the council addressed the high number of fast food joints in L.A.

If I stopped smoking cold turkey today — I've been a smoker for roughly four years — but instead started eating fast food three times a day, every day, I would be dead far quicker than if I had remained a 3-7 cigarettes a day smoker. By my estimates, if I adopted such a diet, I'd be dead within 10 years or less. Can't say that about smoking, can you? Obesity is a quick killer.

… If government is going to single out one vice, then single them all out. Make people embarrassed to eat fatty or unhealthy food. Put images of clogged arteries and naked obese people on fast food wrappers. Ban fast food restaurants from marketing to children like they did with tobacco. Ban the sale of fast food to kids, just like tobacco. I mean, seriously? What makes one any different than the other?

Good luck with that one, Logic! People gotta eat.

In the meantime, the City Council unanimously approved language that would ban smoking in “all public areas and common areas where people congregate.'' They'll have to take another vote to make the law final.

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