It was inevitable: A movie that is purportedly as much a love song to L.A. as was Woody Allen's Manhattan to the city of the same name had to produce its own map. And now here it is, courtesy of LAist, which lists and locates 500 Days of Summer's key L.A.-centric landmarks for our viewing and driving pleasure.

As LAist editor Zach Behrens crows: “It was equally pleasing to see a film shot in downtown Los Angeles that had a story line taking place and recognizing the burgeoning neighborhood for what it is. From the Redwood Bar to the Broadway Bar, Bunker Hill to the Civic Center Mall, it was exciting, for once, to go, 'hey, I know that location and it's not being masked as New York City,' and not go 'why are they filming downtown but calling it North Hollywood?'”

LA Weekly