What Los Angeles restaurant/club/museum/garden/whatever turns you on?

going for. Am I looking for a quick hot and dirty arousal? Maybe I was going for the drawn out-teaser. The adventurous prospects have a little different setting than the hopeless romantic.

Having lived essentially in a tent on the beach for several years, I do have a certain affinity and fetish for all that is the Corona Commercial setting. Regardless of the fact of what's going on, put me on a place on the beach, with an unobstructed view of the horizon line, I don't care if we're dining on Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches and playing beach volleyball or dining 5 star sipping on champagne listening to a live concerto, if you give me the sign that it's ok, I'm going to ravish you as quick as I can.

The Laurel Tavern, enjoying the microbrews, perched atop a stool, sharing a long bench-table with 20 people you've never seen before, trying to talk over the noise that inadvertently comes with a crowd, doesn't get me going.

The not so intimate, yet not a sports bar feel to the Tavern, mixed with the chill and laid-back demeanor of the people – where you kind of feel upscale but in a place that doesn't let you be pretentious about it – is the perfect mix to relax, calm and invigorate you and your partner.

Runyon Canyon, with all of its dog urine, wannabe outdoor enthusiasts (Jessica and Hunter on Youtube), and the awfulness that is L.A. air quality, is actually one of the most beautiful and arousing. The actual act: mounting up, climbing all the peaks to climax at the top, and relish in the beauty of completion in a sweaty mess – how can that not turn you on? Now, I just need someone to come up with me, and play at the top.

The view from above, especially on a clear day, with the colors of the gardens around the park, and the statues and sculptures visible for miles, mixed with the modern touch of architecture throughout the city, fills your senses and allows you to be wherever you want.

The Foundry on Melrose. The dimmed lights set, again, a calming tone. The live bands play to an ambiance that is both settling and comforting in the sense that they're not orchestras of mood music, and not jazz bands for speed, but rather remind you that while it's a fine dining experience, it should be enjoyed and not worried about.

Chef Eric Greenspan has a passion for the flavor and the restaurant so much, that he spends as much time wandering the dining room floor enjoying the guests indulging on his dishes, as he is preparing them.

overstuffed, are ready to experience more together.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art and you can't help but be inspired to do something. Doesn't matter what time of day or night it is, just walking around, checking out the uprights and the horizontals, intertwined with one another, in perfect unison.

This will bring you and your partner even closer on other levels. Discussions, connections, symbioses and explorations will occur and incur further desires from both of you.

But, those are just a few that I've ventured upon so far.


Mantas Ruzveltas.

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