So the film crew for the remake of “The Flight of the Phoenix” is down in Namibia in 2004, and during the filming this big, fake airplane weighing in at about 800 pounds accidentally crashes into the cinematographer, Ciaran Barry.

Barry claims he suffered extensive injuries getting hit by the fiberglass model. But all is not lost because he manages to continue in his career, according to IMBd, proceeding to work on “The Omen,” “Becoming Jane,” and lots of episodes of “Rough Diamond.”

Skip ahead five years, and now Barry is seeking damages at a trial this week before a downtown Los Angeles jury — code phrasing for “huge huge awards.”

And today the jury, after hearing out both sides, awards Barry a cool $3.95 million in damages.


have to assume that the attorneys for 20th Century Fox Film Corp. and

Flight Productions Inc. were somewhat stunned when the huge award

was announced. Clearly, they would not have gone to trial, and would

have settled, had they really understood what a “downtown Los Angeles

jury” is likely to do.

Barry said he needed that much cash to make up for past and future loss of income and emotional distress.

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