You might still be celebrating the Dodgers division series win over Atlanta last night.

But guys, not all is well in Los Angeles.

After taking the title that is rightfully ours, that of America's top mistress city, L.A. has dropped since last year's championship showing. This is a shame. We are the home of Hefner. The city of Sheen. The metropolis where, as the old MTV Cribs proved, the magic happens.

And yet we fell to number 5 in's latest list of “Top 10 Mistress Cities.” What gives?

Even founder Noel Biderman acknowledged that “L.A. is notorious for men leaving their wives for the newer shinier model.”

One explanation proffered by the site is that a good percentage of the women seeking married guys in this here city are … single. Somehow, in this twisted view of relationships, that's a ding on our record.

That brought us down in comparison to cities where the ladies are less often single but just as willing to mingle, apparently.

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AshleyMadison states:

… More than 1 in 4 of the female Angelenos seeking relationships with married men are actually single themselves.

Santa Monica has the title for the community with the most mistresses. This is consistent with the 1981 vision of the beach city as the home of The Regal Beagle and three-way living arrangements.

Things haven't changed at all. (What about mistress-dudes? Manstresses? Jack Tripper?)

Credit: A previous AshleyMadison look at L.A.'s top mistress 'hoods.

Credit: A previous AshleyMadison look at L.A.'s top mistress 'hoods.

The site apparently peeked at its own dater data. Here are the top 10 national mistress towns, with the percentage of women cheaters:

#1 – Phoenix 38.4%

#2 – Washington, DC – 34.7%

#3 – Dallas – 31.9%

#4 – Las Vegas – 28.5%

#5 – Los Angeles- 25.7%

#6 – Houston – 25.1%

#7 – Honolulu – 24.3%

#8 – Charlotte – 22.2

#9 – Ft. Lauderdale – 20.4%

#10 – Denver – 18.1%

Phoenix sounds hot. And it is. Literally. But, remember, to get at all that married action you'd actually have to be in Phoenix.

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