What would it be like if there was an L.A. version of Jersey Shore? Would the guidos be Orange County douches in Affliction t-shirts? Would the muscle-bound Italian American boys be replaced by the spiky-haired Latinos? Would Snooki be a short Asian girl with a fake-bake?

We want to know. Luckily, a troupe called Family Sandwich has set out to answer some of those questions with a Jersey Shore parody it calls Hipster Shore.

The webisodes are set in …

… Silver Lake, of course. (Although the keen eyes at Curbed LA note that at least some of the first episode was shot in Hollywood).

The series has a mind-blowing premise, as one of the cast members explains:

“So we're in this house and we're supposed to be making friends, but that's so unoriginal.”

It looks funnier than watching a hipster trying to choose what neon colored fake Ray-Bans they're going to buy, so we'll stay tuned.

LA Weekly