Gay Pride in L.A. is almost here, and Christopher Street West, which organizes the official parade in West Hollywood every year in June, has named its “2011 Slate of Honorees.” Comedian Margaret Cho tops the list with the Morris Kight Lifetime Achievement Award.

We love Cho, but, let's be honest, those are some awfully big shoes for any celebrity to fill — deceased gay rights icon Morris Kight was so serious about his activism that he took a lifelong vow of poverty.

Don't wanna be a party pooper, but just sayin'. And now to the rest of the list — your comments are welcomed.

Somewhat annoying Andy Cohen, Bravo's Executive Vice President of Programming and Development, won, uh, the “Person of the Year Award.” Christopher Street West doesn't give a reason for that honor, but we guess the organization needs to fill out the usual celebrity quota for these kinds of events.

Dr. Isabel Gomez-Bassols, the “nation's leading Hispanic radio psychologist,” according to CSW, won the “George Moscone Award.” Moscone, the former mayor of San Francisco, was murdered with Harvey Milk in 1978.

Suzy Jack won the “Harvey Milk Award” for being a “progressive activist working to make local government, elected leaders and law enforcement more accessible, responsible and collaborative with the LGBTQ community.” We don't know much about her, but would like to know more.

One thing that strikes us odd about Jack — Christopher Street West goes out of its way to describe her as a “progressive activist.” That may be so, but she's also a paid staffer for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villlaraigosa. Why didn't CSW disclose that fact?

The LGBT group Asian Pacific Islander Equality – Los Angeles got the “Connie Norman Award” for “working tirelessly to build bridges within ethnic communities to garner support for marriage equality.”

The Youth of Gay Straight Alliance Network won the “Outstanding Youth Award” for “creating safer environments for all students by addressing homophobia and transphobia in schools.”

Frontiers magazine received the “Torie Osborn / Dick Michaels Media Award” for being a “leading resource for the greater LGBT community” for 29 years. Ah…okay.

Glenne McElhinney won the “Pat Parker Arts Award” for “helping to remember, record and re-tell the history of California's LGBT community.” We know about her, and she's definitely cool.

Valerie Spencer got the “Berman Schaffer Award” for being a “renowned transgender advocate and educator focused on social service delivery.”

Eagle LA received the “Sheldon Andelson Award” for being a “popular leather bar consistently supporting causes near and dear to the hearts of the LGBT community.” Is it or us, or does that line of reasoning sound funny? No disrespect, by the way.

And last but not least, Sergeant James Farrell won the “CSW Special Community Award”

for his work as a “veteran member of the West Hollywood Sheriff's station and law enforcement leader.”

Cheers, everyone!

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