L.A. County will lift its K-12 school mask mandate on March 12, aligning itself with the state’s regulations.

While the county will not require schools to wear masks, individual school districts will still be allowed to keep the current regulations, which require the face coverings while indoors.

L.A. County Public Health is also “strongly” recommending that that masks continue to be worn indoors.

“LA County Public Health will align school masking measures with the state and shift to strongly recommending indoor masking requirements at childcare sites and K-12 schools beginning March 12,” L.A. County Public Health said in a media release Monday. “School districts may continue to require masking at schools and during school activities and are encouraged to consult with teachers, staff, parents and students as they consider the appropriate safety protections for their school community, recognizing that many individuals may want to continue additional protections.”

On February 23, L.A. County adjusted its mask mandate for indoor businesses and venues, allowing vaccinated individuals to remove their masks so long as proof of vaccination is shown.

L.A. Public Health said the changes in mask regulations come as COVID-19 hospital admissions have declined and the data showing that vaccines in reduce “severe illness.”

As of this writing, the Los Angeles Unified School District has not indicated if it will align itself with the new mask regulations and lift the indoor mandate.


LA Weekly