Los Angeles City Hall isn't the only place facing budget problems and layoffs: The county of L.A.'s CEO on Monday proposed 131 layoffs as part of a belt-tightening measure to keep the county's books in order.

As with the city of L.A., county revenues have been hit by the recession, including a $210 million drop in sales tax income and $132 million less in property taxes in recent years. “While the county of Los Angeles remains better positioned than most other state and local governments to manage these extraordinary events,” CEO Willian Fujioka said, “continuing to maintain service levels, avoid significant layoffs and produce a balanced budget will only be possible to the extent recent economic indicators showing signs of improvement are sustained.”

His $22.7 billion budget includes wiping out nearly 1,400 positions, although most of them are vacant anyway — leaving just 131 actual people who might see pink slips. And we say might because county departments are trying to cut corners in order to save those jobs.

The county has budget-deficit problems similar to those of L.A. city: It's $510.5 million in the hole versus the city's $222 million in red ink, although the city of Los Angeles will see a new $485 million deficit when the new fiscal year begins July 1.

And like the city, the county is dipping into reserves — taking out $167 million — to ease the pain. About $175 million in spending cuts are planned, and the county is counting on concessions from unions to reduce the deficit by another $115 million.

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