The anti-Islam video that set off a fire storm in the Middle East appears to have been made by a few fanatical Coptic Christians right here in Southern California.

But the Coptic Orthodox Church of Los Angeles will join hands with the Muslim Public Affairs Council today to denounce the almost-silly Innocence of Muslims, which depicts the Prophet Mohammad as a child molester and woman beater.

Here's the deal:

The church announced over the weekend that it will join with the Muslim organization to jointly denounce the film and to “stand together in strongly condemning all violent reactions that have been playing out over the past several days in the Middle East.”

The two groups plan to “condemn desecration directed at any religion, namely in the form of the anti-Muslim film 'Innocence of Muslims.' We condemn any attacks against religious communities, Coptic or Muslim in particular, both in Egypt and the United States,” according to a statement issued by the L.A. Coptic Archdiocese over the weekend.

Church Bishop Serapion, who has said that the man widely believed to have produced the film, Cerritos' Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, told him he wasn't involved in its making, had this to say:

The actions of a few ignorant individuals do not represent the collective Diaspora Copts, nor do they represent the collective Muslim community. As Christians, we are proud of our core values that teach love and respect of others and we must act with accordance to our beliefs. It is in moments like these that we stand with those who share a common respect of all religions and love of humanity.

The pronouncements will be made starting at 11 a.m. outside Los Angeles City Hall.

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