The Los Angeles City Council on Friday put off a proposal to prohibit hikes for residents of rent-conrol units in the city, a move that means the freeze on increases for the quarter beginning July 1 probably won't happen at all.

The council voted to send the proposal to deflect three percent rate hikes back to a committee for further review. At least three people unhappy with the move were detained after the crowd inside the council chambers became unruly and was removed by police.

Councilman Richard Alarcon had pushed for the moratorium, arguing that a three percent rate hike was greater than the rate of inflation for everyday goods and services and that many renters, battered by the bad economy, could use the break.

But landlords who had counted on the rent increase were also up in arms.

The council had already approved the moratorium and needed only to finalize the vote today. But sending it back to a committee the council essentially sided with landlords while still seeming to want to approve a cap on rent hikes.

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