Added at the bottom: Heads have rolled.

Bay Area station KTVU has acted defensively in the wake of one of the worst television bloopers in broadcast history, the airing of racist, fake pilot names connected to the July 6 crash of an Asiana jetliner at San Francisco International Airport.

First it blamed the National Transportation Safety Board for “confirming” the names, even though the NTSB maintains the names originated with the station. It continues to dance around the question of who at the operation invented the names.

And now …

… the station issued copyright-infringement (“take-down”) notices to YouTube accounts that posted clips of one of its anchors reading the names live on-air, as we noted earlier this week.

Well, it didn't take long for the computer-animation specialists at TomoNews to take some of the audio and the graphic from the broadcast and mock KTVU via this video:

The organization tells the Weekly:

We at TomoNews decided to put out an animation on how KTVU is trying to block online videos of their anchor reading the fake Asiana pilots' names.

The blooper lives on, as it should. The Tomo take is not that awesome, but it's a cool way to keep the flub out there for posterity.

The animation uses only small slices of the broadcast and thus should be protected under “fair comment and criticism” law, even if KTVU comes at Tomo with a take-down request.

By the way, the station says multiple journalists saw the names before they aired. And it admits that it had already broadcast two of the pilots' real names before the blooper. Wow.

[Added at 3:46 p.m.]: Turns out the station fired at least three producers over the fiasco. See more here.

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