When we interviewed L.A.-via-The Bay rapper Kreayshawn back in May, she told us she was about to perform her fifth show ever.

Recently, after signing with Columbia, she announced a 5-city tour at the end of the summer. First, though, she jetted off to spread the swag comin' out her ovaries internationally.

But something's strange.

When we first met Kreayshawn, we noted, “Gone, though, are the girly silliness and saucy flippancy of the online Kreayshawn, who bops endearingly on rooftops in a Fred Flintstone sweatshirt or down Fairfax Avenue with a puffy Minnie Mouse bow perched on her head. She seems both much older and much younger, polite, subdued, maybe a little wary.”

On- and offstage personas are usually much different, thankfully and necessarily. Yet in the clip below, Kreayshawn seems more off than on. Granted, she is a green performer, still working on her live show. And everybody has one of those days.

We're still on her side, so we'll wait till we see her live with our own eyes.

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