Kole Samman Is Redefining Modern Style & Fashion

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Kole Samman founded Kole Royale, a Los Angeles-based watch company redefining modern style and fashion. The company hand-designs its pieces in California, intending to provide an elegant alternative to old-fashioned styles. This type of watch excites purists and gains the attention of people unfamiliar with this strategy. The distinction created by displaying one watch on your wrist creates interest in others. Meticulous design and ergonomic functionality are at the core of this company’s brand.

The Story Behind the Brand

Kole Royale started with a simple idea: make high-quality, affordable watches that anyone can wear. Our vision has always been to bring people together through fashion, culture, and style.

Designing high-quality, affordable watches is a painstaking process that requires precision engineering and attention to detail. To ensure every component is crafted with care, we use only premium materials and components worldwide.

Kole Royale watches come straight from the mind of our founder, Kole Samman. While working on his first watch collection, Kole realized that no one was making watches that looked like they fit into the modern lifestyle—sleek and stylish watches also made to last. So he set out on a mission: to create a series of watches that could take you from your daily commute to brunch with friends, then right into your weekend adventure without missing a beat.

Kole envisioned a watch brand that combined classic design elements with modern touches and technical innovations. This would keep up with everything you do, from your morning run to the office, through the happy hour with friends at your favourite bar or restaurant. He wanted his company’s watches to be functional yet fashionable and versatile enough so they could be worn daily without disrupting your busy schedule.

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Minimalist design

Minimalist design is the foundation of Kole Royale watches. Our focus is on quality, style, and comfort, which means each watch is designed to be minimalist and unassuming but also powerful and beautiful.

We believe in the power of subtlety, which is why we’ve created watches that are so simple they can go with almost any outfit or occasion. Our core belief is that everyone deserves a watch that perfectly fits their lifestyle and personality, which is why we offer various styles for every customer.

Kole Royale watches are a simple but striking addition to any outfit. They are not overly flashy and complement an already existing collection of attention-grabbing accessories.

The Inspiration Behind Our Watches

The inspiration behind Kole Royale watches is simple; people who wear them.

We believe that the best way to create a timeless piece of luxury is to make sure that it’s created with a purpose, and that purpose comes from the wearer. That’s why we’re creating watches and making them with you in mind.

We know your tastes constantly change, and we want our products to reflect that. We aim to create a watch you’ll love now—and even more when you’re older. This is because it will have become an accessory that represents who you are as much as it does a timepiece.

Kole Royale watches are a unique blend of modern style, sophistication, and the finest materials. The brand’s inspiration comes from the founders’ life experiences: they have a passion for travel and enjoy staying connected with friends and family back home. Kole Royale watches combine the best of both worlds by providing a sleek look that makes you feel like you’re wearing something special every day.

How we Improve Our Style

At Kole Royale, we believe that style is not just about what you wear but also how you wear it. We’re on a mission to redefine modern style & fashion by designing watches that are versatile and adaptable for any occasion. The watch comprises a premium stainless steel case with an adjustable strap. This allows you to wear the watch in various ways, giving you unlimited styling options. You can also mix and match straps from different styles to create your unique look!

Kole Samman and the Kole Royale team have been working hard to design beautiful watches that represent our passion for innovation and creativity. Our first collection features three different styles: Classic, Sporty, and Modern, each with its unique design elements and color schemes.

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Final Word

There is no time for compromises when you are on top of the fashion game. That’s what Kole Royale believes in and offers to its customers. We can make your luxury dreams come true with a wide range of incredible watches, from the classic Kole Royale line to limited Kole editions. Choose between minimalist monochrome and an impressive selection of more vibrant styles, and crown yourself with a luxurious timepiece today. We encourage you to check out any of our other watch reviews while you’re here and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at support@koleworld.com. You can find the entire watch collection at www.koleroyale.com.

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