Does Los Angeles need another food truck? Probably not. But sometimes the marketing people come up with something better than Fred Astaire selling vacuums and combine things that actually make sense. What better than hybridizing the cult status of Kogi BBQ with World Cup fanaticism? Enter the ESPN Match Truck, a food truck equipped with high definition, LCD video screens that will broadcast the FIFA Cup matches while serving food created by Kogi chef Roy Choi. Two trucks, one here and one in New York, will launch tomorrow, as, of course, does the World Cup. The menu, supposedly inspired by the 32 teams playing, includes chicken curry bunny chow; rice balls; lamb gyros with tzatziki; yaki mandoo dumplings; huevos rancheros; and Spanish omelets with Manchego. If the lines are anything like those that have gathered around Kogi, it's a good thing that the truck will be showing the games, as you'd probably miss them otherwise.

Track the whereabouts of the truck, obviously, on Twitter @ESPNWCTruckLA.

LA Weekly