Knocked Loose Claim Biggest Ever Coachella Circle Pit: Kentucky hardcore/thrash crossover band Knocked Loose are one of the heaviest bands, if not the heaviest band, on this year’s Coachella bill. The circle pit they encouraged certainly knocked a few Coachella sparkles loose. We spoke to Bryan Garris between weekends…

How did the set go on weekend one?

It was amazing. Honestly, you never really know what to expect at festivals like that – there are so many different artists to choose from. And especially at a fest like Coachella where we’re clearly the black sheep or the oddball. But we kinda like that. I feel like we thrive in that kind of atmosphere. It’s easier to turn heads. And then it just went amazing. None of us really expected to have that kind of reaction, to have that kind of crowd there. It was just better than we could have ever hoped. 

You were probably the heaviest band on the bill and had the fiercest circle pit. Were you curious about playing in front of the crowd when the weekend’s bill was so mixed?

Yeah. I try to go into it with no expectations. I think it’s better that way because if it’s great, it’s a surprise and if it’s bad it’s not a let down. I didn’t think it would be bad by any means. But it definitely allowed for it to be a huge surprise, how well it went. There were a lot of nerves and preparation leading up to the actual set, and I think that it paid off extremely well with the reaction. The circle pit, I feel like it has to be the biggest in Coachella history. I know that a lot of hardcore bands have played in the past, heavier bands, but that one was pretty crazy to see. For now, I’d like to just claim that title. 

Were you able to check anyone else out, or are you going to on weekend two?

This last weekend, we were only there for the day that we played. But even then, we bounced around and had a bunch of different acts that we wanted to see. We really wanted to see GloRilla, Latto, and Alex G. Paris Texas. So we got to see all of them, and then we stayed for Frank Ocean for a little bit. Next weekend, we’re going to try to go for some more days. There’s a lot of other artists on different days. We’d love to see Ethel Cain. Gorillaz. Blondie. We’re huge fans of almost the entire bill.

Will the set change on weekend two?

I think with the week that we have, we’re gonna just tighten up the set that we played. That was the first time that we had tried that setlist. Now, we know what to expect. We know what the atmosphere is like, so we can just fine tune things that may work better in that kind of setting. I think that will allow us to hit it a little bit harder this coming weekend.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

We’re fortunate enough to be a part of a lot of really awesome festivals this year. We’re playing Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza adjacent festival, Rockville, Sonic Temple, so the list is pretty big. If you’ve got a major festival in your city this year, be on the lookout because the chances are we’ll be there.

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