Remember Bambi, the classic Disney film that left us horrified as children when his mother was shot by a hunter? If you think that’s enough to make you shed a few tears, you won’t believe what’s coming next. The seemingly innocent animation of a fawn is about to mutate into a killer Bambi nightmare.

Killer Bambi: Another childhood favorite turned gruesome 

The idea of turning a classic children’s film into one of the most gruesome and disturbing pieces in cinema history began inside the brilliant mind of Scott Jeffrey. This name rings a bell if you’ve seen movie titles like “The Curse of Humpty Dumpty” and “The Bad Nun.”

Now, Jeffrey had a thought that would make the new killer Bambi film a lot more sinister—collaborating with one Rhys Frake-Waterfield. You may have seen this name in the summer of 2022, when the trailer of his childhood-movie-turned-slasher film Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey was released in late August.

Frake-Waterfield and Jeffrey have since teamed up to create what is promising to become a bonafide horror show with Bambi: The Reckoning, much to the excitement and dread of audiences (depending on who you ask). 

Bambi: The Reckoning—what’s it going to be about? 

As the new horror flick’s title implies, what people would expect from this film is a “Bambi on rabies,” as Jeffrey explained. He further stated that Bambi will be a vicious killing machine,” which pretty much sums up what the movie will entail when it’s released around Valentine’s Day next year. 

Would Bambi perhaps prey on the hunter or hunters that killed his mother and go on a rampage and slaughter dozens of other people due to his vengeance-struck heart? We’ll have to watch to find out.

Will the directors be sued by Disney for making an R-rated film based on their 1942 classic, Bambi?

Disney can’t sue the two filmmakers given that they no longer have exclusive rights to the literary work of Salten, the author behind Bambi, A Life in the Woods. The same rule applies to Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey. 

Of course, there are a few exemptions here and there. For instance, if you’ve watched the trailer of the Winnie the Pooh slasher film, you’d notice that Pooh and Piglet are sporting clothes that visually differ from the characters that Disney owns. 

The reason why Frake-Waterfield did this is because Disney can sue him for copying the character design of their Winnie the Pooh if he ever makes his violent, muscular Pooh wear the same big, bright, hanging red shirt. 

If you’ve been amazed and terrified by Winnie the Pooh’s slasher version, get ready to have your mind blown for the second time with an entirely new killer Bambi horror flick. 

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