18-year-old Chicago rapper Kidd Kenn has joined forces with Rico Nasty for new single “Moves.” The song is out from Friday via 4th & Broadway/Island Records. The track is pulled from his forthcoming Problem Child EP, out June 11.

The lyrics see Kidd Kenn spelling out just what moves he has: “I got the flavor, they never hate us (Uh-huh), I make ’em wanna spend paper (Paper), Sweeter then a now and later, They gon’ bite me now and later.”

Meanwhile, Rico Nasty spits some much needed edge. According to the press release: “‘Moves,’ a certified summer bop with a bouncy production and catchy hook, is the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of Kidd Kenn.”

There’s plenty more to come.

The “Moves” single is out now. The Problem Child EP is out June 11.


LA Weekly