Elaine is Putting Her Music First: South African R&B singer Elaine has just released new single and video “Right Now.” The video, directed by Nape Phasha, sees the singer in the midst of frustration due to  her lover but finding inner peace.

“This song is exactly what it means and feels like to welcome growth, celebrate being a confident woman and find comfort in independence,” said Elaine a press release. “When making this song, I remember walking up to the mic with a lot of things I was carrying in my heart but had trouble communicating and relaying to others. After I recorded it, things changed for me. The concept of Love transformed from being a good lover to someone, to being a good lover to myself too.”

“Every tine I try to heal, every time I try to feel, you come back into my life, promising me something real, we ain’t making progress and I still need to process,” she sings in the song’s opening moments. But process she does.

“Right Now” is Elaine’s first release since the 2019 EP Elements, and it’s a gem.

Elaine is Putting Her Music First: The “Right Now” single is out now.

LA Weekly