Feel LA Weekly's power.

No, not really, but it's true that hours after the Weekly reported that KFC was still operating as a medical marijuana dispensary, LAPD raided the famous Palms pot shop and shut it down.

Via Curbed LA and one of our awesome commenters, police served a warrant yesterday for violating the ordinance that went into effect June 7 and was supposed to shut down 439 out of about 580 shops.

Mind you, this isn't something to make light of: As we noted yesterday, authorities are expected to take harsh action against violators for the expected deterrent effect. If you think this is a foolish waste of resources, you can have your say in November when voters decide on a ballot initiative to de-criminalize marijuana.

For now, although it may take time, police and prosecutors will likely take a tough line. As City Attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan put it: “The ones that are out there and blatantly defying the ordinance, if they get shut down, perhaps that would encourage others to close voluntarily.”

He said the “majority” of shops not in compliance have shut down voluntarily.

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