Remember the Ninja Burger? The amazing black-bunned monstrosity that Burger King Japan released last year? It was just one more reminder that Japan has all the fun when it comes to bizarre food items. 

Now KFC Japan is taunting us with their own kind of awesomeness: They're giving away chicken-themed computer accessories in celebration of “KFC Colonel's Day,” whatever that is. Some very, very strange computer accessories. 


Disturbing KFC Japan chicken leg mouse; Credit:

Disturbing KFC Japan chicken leg mouse; Credit:

First, there's the chicken keyboard, seen above. It only has the letters K, F and C, and all the other keys are pieces of chicken. Which is confusing and also probably really uncomfortable to use, but looks kind of amazing. There's also a statue of Colonel Sanders on it!

More disturbing is the chicken leg USB drive, and the chicken leg mouse, which an observer might mistake for a dog poo-shaped mouse (sorry, it's just true). 

Perhaps the oddest thing about all this is that they're only giving away one of each of these things. Did they only make one of each? How did that work, in terms of manufacturing? Anyway, there's a hashtag on Twitter that Japanese fans are supposed to use between now and Sept. 24, and that's how the lucky winners will be chosen — one each for the three items. But 47 other people will win chicken earrings, so there's that. Here's all the info — it's in Japanese, of course. 

Once more I think America's fast food folks can learn something here. Be weirder. It's far more fun. 

Chicken USB; Credit:

Chicken USB; Credit:

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