Kezia Goes South with Single: Joining forces with British-Indian rapper Nayana Iz, Kezia has dropped an empowering if risqué new single called “South.”

“‘South!’ That’s my dicksucking anthem,” Kezia said via a press release. “In a world where black women are uninvitedly sexualized, we need to take ownership of feeling strong and cemented in our sexuality. south! is about liberty. It’s also about consent! ‘will you walk into the fire, or will you walk out of my life, yuh’ meaning u can choose the purifying flame of my love or you can continue to live in darkness without me.”

It’s a deceptively chill tune, Kezia flicking her hair with coy joy on the video while casually tossing out lines like:

“He like it when I’m down south, when it’s all said and done, you know that I’m still the one, play it back, I’m the one that you desire, will you walk into the fire, or will you walk out of my life.”

There’s a lot going on, highlighted by the contrasting vocal style of Nayana Iz.

“NAYANA’s verse adds another layer of storytelling to the overall plot,” Kezia said. “Effortless and blasé, her message conveys the strength of being in one’s personal power, an opulence radiating from within. She’s also dope and her delivery is sexy. I wanted a strong woman to emphasize the sexual energy of this track. She did just that.”

“South” is out now. The Claire EP is out June 11 via Never Seven.

LA Weekly