Kyle Dion Wants to Make You Purr: Los Angeles singer Kyle Dion, who prides himself on his golden falsetto, has dropped new single “Purr.” The track sees him join forces with Arkansas rapper Kari Faux, and the chemistry between the pair is tangible as they trade lines. The theme seems to be a couple grinding each others’ gears and using that energy in the bedroom.

“Pillowtalk, need a pillow fight, Something wrong if you don’t bite, I can love on you all night, A little drama, that’s not tight.”

The video is equally compelling: “I developed the music video concept for ‘Purr’ with Nick (The Grease), my brother and creative director,” Dion said via a press release. “We teamed up with production duo CineMonkey (Giovanny Lago and Rio Noir) to bring 11 scenes to life for this first release. The video starts off in the world of SUGA where you see the character from my last album launched into this new world where he begins this journey as a new character, something you’ve seen from Kyle Dion yet. We flew Kari Faux out and after 3 months of shooting and editing, I’m proud we got it done. Shoutout to my cast and crew!”

Kyle Dion Wants to Make You Purr: His “Purr” single feat. Kari Faux is out now.


LA Weekly