Ranchers brand their cattle, chocolatiers etch their logos into the bars of single origin 70%, cheese-makers stamp names onto the rinds of their cheeses, but corn flakes? According to Daily Mail Reporter, Kellogg's UK is now considering burning its logo onto its corn flakes. Flake by individual flake, using a beam of light to create “a toasted appearance without changing the taste.” Here's the announcement, via Twitter. Why? WHY? In order to prevent “fake flakes,” i.e. those not made by Kellogg's, from dominating the global corn flake market. Kellogg's invented and patented the corn flake in 1894. (Perhaps they'll brand the patent number in tiny little print on each flake too.) Thanks to Yumsugar.com, who also provides links on the story. Because you really do need confirmation on this one.

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