Okay, I may be the biggest Rolling Stones fan I know (except for maybe Falling James) but I'd defend my hero on this one regardless. Snorting his pops? It's soooo Keith Richards to say something like that. I've studied him, I've met him, I know.

But c'mon even if you're just a casual fan, you're familiar with the rockstar's wry, nothing's sacred zaniness, the one Johnny Depp copied for Pirates of the Carribean (If Jack Sparrow said he snorted his father's ashes would anyone believe him?).

Yes Keith was a major druggie but his dad died since he quit (snorting that is, he loves his booze and we're guessing his house in Jamaica smells um, nice). He was probably just bored when he said it -he's surely been asked the same questions a zillion times- and decided to have a little fun with the reporter. I don't blame NME for putting it in the story, I'm just shocked it became such a big deal.

Anyway, it's not true. Read here. But ya know what's really silly about the whole hub-bub on this one? Disney got so freaked out, now they're saying Keef wont be allowed to do press for the next Pirates movie which he has a cameo in, depriving us all of seeing Depp and his movie dad go at it at the junkets.

Hey Disney, if you're gonna stike a deal with the devil, shouldn't ya have some Sympathy for him?

LA Weekly