In Twitter times like these, we turn to the (by comparison) quiet calm of music. And who better to break up the barrage of Osama/bama opinion than the soothing voice of our very own Jason Bentley, ruminating and divulging little-known facts (Raphael Saadiq toured with Prince when he was a teenager- will he show up one night soon at the Forum!?) on NPR's “First Listen” of our old-soul champion Saadiq's new album?

Stone Rollin' does what you hope for but don't always get in an album, taking you through a full cycle of moods and grooves. The languid swagger of “Good Man” seduces the listener with its dreamy orchestration, while the uptempo anthem “Radio” practically grabs you by the lapels and drags you to the dance floor — two wildly different musical directions, both executed beautifully.

Of course, we wish we could cozy up to our box radio and listen to these words float mellifluously into our ears. But we'll read them with Saadiq's Stone Rollin' as the soundtrack, and dream of simpler days. You know, when people bitched in person.

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