Kazumi is a Different Kind of Rockstar, but a Rockstar Indeed

Photo credits: Rickie Arnez and Ryan Leutz


Kazumi was introduced to the Rockstar Lifestyle podcast as pretty, rich, and smart, to her modest protest. Kazumi is a marketing genius and an OnlyFans queen, pulling in millions of dollars annually, not to mention, she’s a kind and down-to-earth soul. She recently joined the podcast to discuss her daily life and recap her wild birthday party.

Kazumi has been making her fortune on OnlyFans, due to her sexual prowess and talent, as well as genius marketing techniques. 

“I started in 2019 during Covid because I wanted a remote job!” she recalled.

Kazumi has made heaps of online content, appeared on countless podcasts, created fake memes and billboards about herself, and filmed hundreds of scenes. Her business tactics, in tandem with her fan engagement, has put her on the path to the AVN Hall of Fame. Kazumi is known to interact daily with fans, a practice that keeps her fanbase organic and dedicated. 

Many people wonder what a day in the life is like for someone like Kazumi. Thankfully, Rockstar Lifestyle attended her birthday party and we are here to dispel a few harmful stereotypes amongst sex workers while also confirming that a day in the life of a famous pornstar is definitely not in the scope of understanding for the average joe. With that being said, Kazumi definitely knows how to throw a party.

“I rented out a castle,” she began. The theme for her 26th birthday party was fantasy themed. “I wanted it to be like a horny renaissance fair,” she explained, with a sense of earnest excitement.

Hundreds of Kazumi’s guests poured into the medieval space to honor and celebrate her. The event boasted a mix of porn stars, YouTubers, normal influencers, and personal friends of Kazumi’s, making the event a mixer and a birthday party.

“Want to know how to throw a good party? Only invite people you really know,” she explained to Rockstar Lifestyle. “Can’t we just have a party that’s not about clout?” She lamented.

Security was tight, with shuttles chauffeuring attendees from a Hollywood hotel, into the hills to Kazumi’s birthday castle. There were no plus one’s allowed as Kazumi’s rule of familiarity among guests reigned amongst the party. 

 “There is a lot of vulnerability and sexual activity [at her parties] so people trust me to make sure they are comfortable. All it takes is one weird dude to totally throw off the vibe.”

Once inside the castle, and guests were blessed with Kazumi themed gift bags containing Kazumi T-shirt’s, keychains, kazoos, and weed products promoting her OnlyFans. After receiving their baggies, guests were transported to the horny renaissance fair of her dreams. There were many spectacles within the gates including BDSM events, in which a “dom” by the name of Endless performed acts of pain and pleasure on more-than-willing participants. There were medieval torture devices, sex toy challenges, an orgy tent,  and Kazumi’s own special performances, some of which were even too raunchy for this article.

She began by performing with a pair of Cirque Du Soleil performers and that routine ended with a sword being thrusted through her throat, with no harm to Kazumi. Then came the main event, in which Kazumi lit herself on fire.

“I lit my [breasts] and my [vagina] on fire and had my boyfriend light a joint off of it,” Kazumi recalled.

”Fire is such a human spectacle. It brings us back to the prehistoric times!” 

With all this being said, Kazumi is not a stereotype, but a role model. The image of a sex worker or pornstar usually connotes adjectives like drunk, reckless, and naive. Kazumi is none of these things.

“I am completely sober,” she said. “I never have unprotected sex with anyone who has not been tested.”

While her birthday party was quite a production, A day in the life of Kazumi aligns more with that of your average working person. “I wake up and go to the gym for two hours. Then during the day I do some safe-for-work stuff like a podcast, and at night I do my not-safe-for-work stuff,” she told Rockstar Lifestyle. Her career goals include walking a runway and  

“How do you have time to do all of this?” Rockstar Lifestyle inquired.

“I wish there was three of me,” she responded. “One to eat, one to do podcasts, and one to get gangbanged.”

“Which one would you be?” Rockstar Lifestyle responded.

“The one to get gangbanged,” she replied with an unapologetic grin.

Kazumi is extremely successful in her field, and although her profession is controversial, she is happy, healthy, and wealthy. Those who know her love and respect her, this sentiment was on full display at her birthday party. 

“If you can’t respect me naked then you didn’t respect me with clothes on. If your respect is conditional on stupid things, then you need to question at what point do you stop respecting people. You need to learn how to see things you don’t like or understand and not want to destroy them immediately,” the sage Kazumi articulated.

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