Indicating the seriousness of his spirit in waging a Quixotic campaign for U.S. Senate against incumbent Barbara Boxer, mega-blogger Mickey Kaus announced Thursday that he's moving his blog away from Slate and hosting it himself in order to drive more traffic to campaign announcements.

Kaus also pondered the complicated legal issues that would ensue if he kept his blog at Slate: Would his paid gig there constitute campaign contributions on the part of the Washington Post Company, which owns the site? Would the deal constitute an unfair advantage and thus another aspect of an “an illegal in-kind campaign contribution” because he would be given valuable media space to boost his candidacy?

Kaus answers his own questions and says, mostly, no. (In the case of his blogging income being a possible illegal campaign contribution, Kaus said it might require courts to work out the kinks).

But, mainly, he wants to go indie in order to drive traffic to his online campaign, which will share cyberspace with his popular blog, Kausfiles.

“I'm going to start a campaign web site, and the only reason anybody might go to it is if the blog is there,” Kaus writes. “So I'm moving the blog there.”

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