In the past we haven't been above tricking people into reading legitimate-yet-unsexxxy news items by shamelessly offering hot Katy Perry bikini pictures. This time, though, sexy Katy Perry has given us a legitimate excuse to rack up them pageviews by unveiling (“unveiling,” huh huh, geddit?) the painting for new album cover Teenage Dream (via Billboard).

That's “Katy Perry,” “Nude,” “Teenage,” “Sexy,” “Hot,” and “Bikini” in one post. Not bad at all, SEO people, right? (That's an inside joke, disregard.)

Still, we like our sexy Katy Perry picture better than the album cover:

Bikini Katy > Cotton Candy Katy, amirite?’></p>
<p class=Bikini Katy > Cotton Candy Katy, amirite?

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