An L.A. mom whipped out her booby and started breastfeeding at the L.A. County Museum of Art recently, inspiring a hapless “staffer” to tell her to cover up.

We call it human-nature performance art. The LACMA guard thought it was too strip club.

And so Katie Hamilton and her supporters have taken to Facebook to give it to the Miracle Mile artistic institution:

It all went down on Cinco de Mayo, she says, when a LACMA employee confronted her:

I was rudely harassed by an employee for feeding my baby in the most normal and natural way that a baby can be fed.

Keep in mind that during my visit, I saw at least four provocative paintings of nude women, breasts and nipples exposed. Nothing wrong with that at all.

I was clothed, satisfying one of my child's most fundamental needs, and quietly taking in the art around me.

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Hamilton's online campaign against LACMA has received hundreds of likes and comments on Facebook.

LACMA responded yesterday with this note, also sent to the Weekly, from associate VP Brooke Fruchtman:

On behalf of LACMA, I want to take this opportunity to apologize for your experience this weekend.

Our policy when it comes to breastfeeding (and everything else) is absolutely to follow the letter of the law. The request made to you by our guard was the mistake of an individual who was ill-informed–it was not reflective of our institutional policy or family-friendly values.

That being said, it is my job to make sure our staff are properly informed, so we are talking to all of our guards and staff today to make sure they understand the law–and how very much we value our visiting families.

Again, many apologies for your experience at the museum.

Hamilton noted that California law indeed protects the ability of moms to breastfeed in the state, where ever, whenever.

Hamilton writes that she threatened to have 100 mothers come to LACMA to stage a nurse-in. As she filled out a comment card, she says she was told not to start a riot.

Too late.

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