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Continuum (Aware/Columbia)

Katelyn Tarver‘s Continuum Delirium: L.A. singer, songwriter and actress Katelyn Tarver told us about her love for a John Mayer fave.

Katelyn Tarver:  My favorite album is Continuum by John Mayer. I’m sorry, but you can’t have songs like “Gravity” and “Stop This Train” on one album and expect it NOT to be my all time favorite.


I love all the feelings this record expresses. The lyricism is so moving to me, and it’s also just really nostalgic at this point in my life. It was released my sophomore year of high school, and I felt like it spoke to me just as much as it did my dad. He got us third row tickets for the tour when it came through Georgia, and we still remember hearing “Stop This Train” live and not being able to look at each other for fear of completely falling apart.

Songs like “Belief” and “Heart of Life” were with me as I started to grapple with my own existential dread. And the amount of times I played “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” while I cried and became convinced I would never find love again should be illegal.

This is an album I constantly go back to when I need to be reminded of what I love about music and songwriting. A classic body of work that has inspired a generation of artists to create, of which I am one. Now, excuse me while I try and go write a song with a lyric as good as, “twice as much ain’t twice as good, and can’t sustain like one half could, it’s wanting more that’s gonna bring me to my knees.”

Katelyn Tarver’s Continuum Delirium: The Subject to Change album is out on November 12.

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