Karmic Neighborhood’s Latest Single, “That’s Me”, Unleashing Resilience in Melody

Music has always been the universal language for artists who express their deep emotions through rhythms resonating with listeners. One such track that will take listeners on a ride through resilience, perseverance, and hope is “That’s Me”, the latest single by Karmic Neighborhood. The song is the fifth track in a series of pre-album singles leading up to the soundtrack release for Equinox the Musical. While the album is scheduled to drop in September 2023, the single, “That’s Me”, takes listeners to the depths of emotions, capturing the essence of a young lover’s plight through life’s most challenging circumstances.

We have all faced a crossroad in life where no path takes us to the destination we planned, and we have no option to turn back. Jason, the protagonist of Equinox the Musical, is navigating a situation that makes him more relatable to us. In this musical journey, Jason’s vulnerability and courage are reflected as he leaves his beloved Katie behind to walk the path alone. His company on this journey is a backpack, a guitar, and an old suitcase.

“That’s Me” shows how Jason learns to rely on himself and discovers what’s on the other side of the road as he has no place to call home. The lyrics, “Every place that I arrive, that’s me on the other side,” reflects his mind as he leaves his past mistakes behind to move ahead for a better life. The song is drenched in grit, reminding the listeners of the searing vocals of James Durbin igniting the track.

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Julian Colbeck describes “That’s Me” as “A declaration of defiant resiliency in the face of a menacingly uncertain future.” He calls it the raw portrayal of one’s vulnerabilities that comes with a subtle note of hopefulness. The song symbolizes Jason’s search for a transcendental reality that goes beyond the senses.

Armand Ruby and Julian Colbeck, the talents behind Karmic Neighborhood, shared their passion for music and the painful experience of surviving cancer, providing a ray of hope. Their bond grew stronger as they discovered harmony in their respective journeys, which became relevant in their creative flair with music. This depth of emotion seeps through the notes of “That’s Me”, making the song more than just an alternative rock track.

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“That’s Me” mesmerizes with the rough vocals of James Durbin, accompanied by Baird Miller’s guitars, Julian Colbeck’s keyboards/synths, Peter Wilde’s bass guitar, and Michael Strunk’s drums. This seamless symphony takes the listeners on an emotional rollercoaster of Jason’s character. The powerful instrumentation complements the blazing lyrics of the song to create an evocative experience that transports the audience into Jason’s world.

This single track is part of a bigger narrative offered by Equinox the Musical. The album’s other songs equally contribute to unfolding the heart-wrenching story of two homeless young lovers, reminding us that love and forgiveness are the guiding lights in the darkest moments of life.

“That’s Me” is more than a song; it is an ode to the indomitable human spirit that listeners connect to at a deeper level. Karmic Neighborhood perfectly captures the character’s pain through the lyrics and melody that usher the essence of resilience, perseverance, and hope. As the song ends, listeners will feel the strength the protagonist discovered while navigating his vulnerabilities. It is a song for every heart that ever felt the weight of a decision in life and resiliently overcame it.

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