OK, we admit it: We've got the fever. So do the Kardashian sisters, apparently, because they can't seem to stop Tweeting about their Valentine's Day plans to go see “Never Say Never,” Justin Bieber's new biopic. Even the least-hot married one is trippin'.

Bordering on pedophillic? Probably. Making us feel a wee bit better about our own… desires? Most definitely.

Also in attendance at the L.A. premiere will be the lucky commoners to win a dance contest going down RIGHT NOW in North Hollywood. Feverish hopefuls have exactly one minute to move most awesomely to a Bieber song of choice at the Millenium Dance Complex

… after which they'll be gifted two tickets to the overhyped event. (We'll update with the winning routine as soon as it's chosen.)

The Kardashians had to try significantly less hard before earning their own VIP passes to the premiere. As Tweeted by Kim: “OMG @JustinBieber just stopped by to give us tickets to his movie Never Say Never!” Subsequent Twitpic:

Credit: Twitpic

Credit: Twitpic

Bitch. Ever since the hottest Kardashian played in the sand with the underage swishy-haired icon for that entirely inappropriate Bahamas photo shoot last summer, we knew she was cougar-fied. Or, as Jennifer Love Hewitt later put it, trying to make herself feel better, puma-fied.

Call it what you like, ladies; he's still sixteen.

Here's Kim and Khloe's video promo of “Never Say Never,” with a cameo by Bieber:

Yes, we're just jealous. As for the rest of Los Angeles, don't expect to be spared from the chaos: If New York was any indication, get ready for a weekend of Beatlemania-caliber AAAAAAAAAAAAAing tweens and buffered security for blocks.

And, like New York, don't be afraid to boo. The Biebs don't care. It only makes him stronger.

Some high-minded literature on the subject, from our Village Voice sister paper: “Justin Bieber, Twitter Casanova.”

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