We knew Carmageddon was gonna be near-apocalyptic, but if even celebrities who never have to lay a finger on a steering wheel for the rest of their lives are getting involved, consider us very, very scared.

Justin Bieber's lending his voice (just as long as it's not his face) to an anti-texting campaign launched in anticipation of this weekend's terrifyingly-publicized closure of the 405 freeway.

The singer has partnered with PhoneGuard, a software application suite that disables texting and emailing on cell phones while the user is in a vehicle moving faster than 10 miles per hour. Bieber's only 17, but is wise enough to know not to text while driving. And he really cares that you don't, either!

“We need to change the attitudes in our society toward texting and driving and I am making it one of my personal goals to make this happen,” said Bieber.

Did we ever think we'd see the day when talking about texting took on the tone of a PSA about preventing AIDS?

Still, he's right (this may be the only time you ever catch us saying that about Bieber, so enjoy it). Don't text and drive. Yes, we are talking to ourselves.


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