OMG you guys. Justin Bieber is planning to open a clothing store at the Grove.

Will he sell used Beiber t-shirts ripped to shreds by screaming tween girls? Perhaps they'll have Bieber-branded toupes (or at least similar ones endorsed by Donald Trump)? Maybe Scent-de-Justin once-worn sweaters?

Sadly, no. The main draw at the Bieber store, said to be opening later this year …

… is Justin Bieber-branded lollipops. Because what you really want is to have your not-yet-teenage daughter furiously licking a likeness of her favorite pop star.

Get ready for the Bieber-land.

Get ready for the Bieber-land.

This is just what the Grove security needs, too. Like it doesn't have its hands full chasing off TMZ crews as it is. And last time Bieber himself visited the mall there was pandemonium. You would have thought they were giving away free iPhones.

RadarOnline reports that the Bieber store is being put together by a firm called Khaos, which is also working on a Kim Kardashian store planned in Las Vegas.

Quite a yin-and-yang this company has going on here: Twink and ass.

The Bieber store will also sell skateboards, sneakers and toys. Hopefully age-appropriate toys.

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