Justin Bieber Pops into the Crypto: Pop megastar Bieber will surely delight all of LA’s beliebers with a set that pulls from last year’s Justice mixed with a lot of old favorites. 

We spoke to Bieber’s DJ Tay James last month, and he said that “I obviously don’t wanna give away too much but let’s just say it’ll be the ultimate experience for the fans.”

James added: “When I first started, I was 22 years old, fresh out of college and was still maturing,” he says. “After being on the road all these years, I feel like I’ve not only matured musically, but have a versatile point of view on all aspects of the industry whether it’s producing, DJ-ing, or curating. And since DJ-ing, partying, and clubs were all shut down, I was able to focus my energy solely on the making of [Bieber’s] Justice album.”

According to a press release, “Each night of tour there will be a local action curated by LIVE FREE to support criminal justice reforms at the local level. Fans will also be able to earn free concert tickets by participating in live trainings in select cities, focused on ending injustice in their communities. Justin’s goal by the end of the Justice World Tour is to inspire millions of individual actions, help connect his fans to important causes, and provide participating groups with a new foundation of supporters, all while registering voters and raising awareness and funds for critical local and national justice efforts.”

Justin Bieber Pops into the Crypto: The event takes place at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, March 7 and Tuesday, March 8 at the Crypto Arena.

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