So what if he has 10,805,222 (and counting) followers on Twitter? Justin Bieber can't sell magazines.

The teen heartthrob (sorry, gross), who was on the cover of February's Vanity Fair , has only sold 246,000 copies of the magazine so far, giving him the honor of being VF's lowest-selling cover since 1999. Maybe the photographer should have advised against that smugness on his “adorable, inescapable” face. Oh, wait, that's the way he always looks.

We'll give Bieber a break, because really, does any Belieber read? 13-year-old buy Vanity Fair, even with Justin Bieber on the cover?

But there's more!

According to WWD,

But Bieber wasn't bad news for Vanity Fair alone. His October 2010 Teen Vogue cover — presumably tailored for a more ideal demographic for the 17-year-old superstar — sold 121,054 issues, roughly 12 percent below Teen Vogue's 2010 average, according to ABC data.

And it's not just the monthlies, either. In April 2010, People featured a Bieber cover — “ALL ABOUT JUSTIN BIEBER” shouted the headline — that sold 961,762 copies, which represents a 25 percent dip below average sales and was the third worst seller for the weekly all of last year, according to ABC data.

Please, God of the non-Beliebers, let this be the beginning of the end.

LA Weekly