Just the Facts, Man

One expects the trades to shill for the studios, who provide the majority of their ad revenues. But I expect better from the L.A. Weekly. D. Heimpel’s article [“WGA’s Biggest Enemy,” October 26–November 1] is long on anecdotes and assertions and short on facts. He quotes anonymous studio sources, but offers nothing of the WGA perspective. He blindly accepts what’s been reported in the trades without checking the facts. And he’s apparently unfamiliar with U.S. labor law and WGA and SAG agreements. You should send this guy back to journalism school.

Erich Hoeber

Santa Monica

For more on the strike (and more from Mr. Hoeber), see stories on pages 30 and 32. Plus, check out Nikki Finke’s blog for updates: www.deadlinehollywooddaily.com.

Rational, Not Rabid

I often appreciate Ella Taylor’s movie reviews, but I take issue with her comments from “Too Cute for Their Own Good” [November 2–8] about “rabid Santa Monica mothers” who “run out of town a pedophile who had yet to do anything worse than download kiddie porn.” Kiddie porn? You mean child pornography? Actually, the uproar was more concerning his “upload­ing” anyway. That was his game. Photographing young girls at public events and posting them on his pedophile-friendly site. There’s nothing “rabid” about mothers looking to protect their children.

Alix Koromzay

Santa Monica

Save the Toons

Look, people, how hard can it be to make space for your comics page (MIA in the last couple issues)? Tony Millionaire, Lynda Barry, Kaz, Carol Lay are all some of the best in the country. And you sometimes omit Tom Tomorrow, one of the sharpest political satirists of our generation. I’d rather see the comics than random celebrity photos. Sheesh! And while you’re (not) at it, you should run Lloyd Dangle (I gotta pick up OC Weekly for him!) and Tom the Dancing Bug. Thanks for listening. Don’t gyp us of the toons!

David Arnson

Los Angeles

You’re in luck this week. See page 95.

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