If you somehow failed to notice all the pastel-colored knick-knacks and Easter-themed beanie babies lining your local CVS the last two months, we've got news: Jesus will have risen from the dead some 1,977 years ago on Sunday! It's a magical time for all, but here in L.A., we go big, with such gooey goodness as a 250-kid choir at the Hollywood Bowl and a three-day bunny-petting extravaganza at the Los Angeles Zoo.

But before you get to celebrating — may we suggest egg-white cocktails, garnished with a Peep! — let's take some time out for those less fortunate than us on this good, Good Friday. Namely, the impossibly adorable children of downtown's California Hospital Medical Center:

Here, in an ABC7 original heartwarmer, a giant fuzzy bunny gives the pediatric ward one giant fuzzy hug, courtesy of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Sure, he's a little creepy, in the way that all costumed adults caring for small children are creepy, and there's something not quite right about a giant bunny handing out a bunch of littler bunnies, but the look on those kids' faces: We melt.

We also melt at 0:17, when a dead-serious sheriff's deputy saunters in with three stuffed animals tucked under his arm. Jesus.

Happy Easter, folks! If you're more into feel-bad videos, might we suggest “The Top 10 Crucifixion Scenes on YouTube,” over at the Village Voice news blog. Though it might take more than 10 to counteract all this giant bunny love we're feelin' right about now.


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