Jumping into Slushii: DJ and producer Slushii started making music when he was about 13 years old.

“I was in a rock band with my friends, and we had a lot of fun together” he says. “It wasn’t until I had a desire to make music on my own that I started taking it a bit more seriously, and I started honing my style by watching tutorials on YouTube and doing a lot of extended music listening.”

Slushii jokingly refers to his sound today as “Now That’s What I Call 100% A Trainwreck: Vol 1!,” but is more serious when he talks about channeling his inner Anime fan.

“My biggest musical inspirations at the moment are Ye, Pharrell, Chad Hugo, Isao Tomita, and Susumu Hirasawa,” he says. “When you have a second, Google the last one, it’ll blow your mind. As far as style is concerned, I really feel a strong connection to Rick Owens and Raf Simmons. Their clothes are just so comfy, while keeping the professional / artist aesthetic. Undercover is doing some really interesting things with the Evangelion collab they just dropped, and I’m looking forward to newer collections this year.”

Slushii believes this is an exciting time for electronic music.

“I feel like it’s truly become the wild west, anything is possible; and the next big producer might just be reading this right now,” he says. “I feel like the Renaissance is about to kick off in full swing.”

His latest release is “After Midnight,” featuring Mackenzie Sol.

“’After Midnight’ is the calm before the storm, almost like a battle cry,” he says. “Working with Mackenzie has been really amazing. He’s truly such a talented and genuinely kind person, and I’m glad we crossed paths. The song really came together at a point in my life where I was unsure about a lot of things, and writing this tune and getting to see how it’s already been affecting people who hear it so positively, it really holds a special place in my heart.”

Looking ahead, Slushii has a lot going on in 2022.

“I’m working on a multitude of things really, and honestly I’m just so excited that this immense back-catalogue of work is going to finally be distributed,” he says. “In short; a lot of MUSIC, and ANIME! Just tons of content, and I’m so excited to unleash all of it to the world, and truly become the Slushii I always envisioned myself as. I need to come correct for the fans, and I need to show my peers that I’m back with a vengeance!”

Jumping into Slushii: Slushii’s “After Midnight” is out now.

LA Weekly