Rediscover David Dann: New York born, L.A, raised electronic artist David Dann has just released the Rediscovered EP, his first in over a decade. The last few years have been tumultuous, with lawsuits and of course the pandemic weighing him down. But he soon found his groove again.

At the beginning of the pandemic, like everyone, I was definitely nervous about what was happening,” Dann says. “Eventually I settled into the new normal, but as I was finalizing my new music and getting ready to get back out there it was immediately clear that there wasn’t going to be a stable, consistent outlet to be with fans and play the new music. With that, I started throwing my own parties in L.A. once it was safe to do so, and it was incredible. We sold out each night and it was a perfect way to re-engage and share the new project. However, with the new variants, it got a bit more complicated as you could imagine. I’m working on finding clarity in my approach for 2022 – what that means for the music, what that means for other personal endeavors, everything.”

When to comes to his sound in 2022, he’s focussing on melody.

I’ve always considered the melody to be the most important part of my songs, more so than super high-end technical production getting down to microscopic levels of sounds and effects,” he says. “Of course, attention to detail isn’t lost in the compositions, but ultimately I want to create timeless tracks that even if you’re not a dance music fan, you can somehow relate to it or enjoy hearing whether you’re in the comfort of your own car, home, or out at a club with your friends. Going into the new year, though, I have a few experimental ideas that I want to see through. I’d love to go back and forth between projects that are commercial as well as high-art – it keeps me on my toes and gives fans a real sonic journey to follow.”

Dann thinks that electronic music is in an exciting place at the start of this new year.

“I think it’s really healthy – it’s fresh,” he says. “I mentioned that there’s fun in creating a commercial sound just as much as something more underground, and with the latter I think that’s what is bringing electronic music back to the mainstream ironically enough. What was once underground is now the ‘it’ genre, so that underground community ethos is really translating nicely to fans of the bigger acts out there, and is even having an impact well beyond dance fans similarly to the boom of EDM in the early 2010s.”

We asked Dann about that new Rediscovered EP.

I started the project in late 2019, and the concept was created during a time when I was truly revisiting this side of myself that I hadn’t seen or heard in years,” he says. “I used to be a touring DJ and would produce music at every chance I could, and I really was starting from scratch as it had been about 10 years since my last release. I focused almost exclusively on songs that describe inner-conflicts with a past, present, and future version of yourself. Not to get too technical, but nearly every song on the project has some form of words about the ‘self’ in it (Mine, You & Me, Down For You, Falling Into You) – I wanted the songs to talk about a tug of war with lovers, with friends, with family, and with yourself as you go through your own process of rediscovery.”

Finally, there’s lots to look forward to from Dann this year.

I’m really excited to play more shows – there’s no greater feeling than playing live,” he says. “I’m also cooking up a new concept for the next project that definitely touches on my heritage and roots a bit more than Rediscovered. It has a lot more world influence and likely is better suited for really thoughtful listening vs. dancing in a club, but it’s early days and I’m excited to see it all take shape.”

Rediscover David Dann: David Dann’s Rediscovered EP is out now.


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