Julie Estes: The Creative Force Behind the Curtain of High-End Events via SOP House

Meet Julie Estes, the driving force behind Special Ops Production House (SOP). Over the course of her 17 years in the event planning industry, Julie has cultivated a reputation for transforming even the most extravagant dreams of high-end clients into a stunning reality. Having worked for many well-known companies and spending time as a freelancer, Julie is excited to now embark on a new venture of her own with SOP House.

Photo by Photographer Monica Dzik, NY

Julie has had the chance to produce some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry for private events, including Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Ariana Grande, and Macklemore, cementing her reputation as a go-to producer for A-list events and headline performances. She advanced her expertise in talent booking, event production management, and on-site coordination during her seven-year stint as Senior Event Producer at Total Entertainment, where she continues to provide her expertise as a consultant and as a preferred vendor. Her ongoing relationship with the company ensures that she can leverage her skills and expertise to guarantee the success of the company’s most significant events. Julie and her team have consistently demonstrated their ability to manage each project with finesse, precision, and a touch of magic.

Through her passion for travel and her work, Julie has worked closely with clients all over the world and traveled to more than 35 countries, where she has honed her ability to plan and execute exceptional events with tact and efficiency, no matter the location. While VP of Production at Element Music NY, Julie once delivered on a request for impromptu entertainment for a client’s last-minute birthday celebration in the Philippines. With less than two weeks to plan, she skillfully coordinated all aspects of the live entertainment, including the band’s travel arrangements, visas, rehearsals, wardrobe, production, music setlists, and gear, to create an unforgettable performance at the luxury island resort.

Photo by Seva Mohylyak, Chief Advisor & Production Manager for SOP House

Julie’s aptitude in planning and executing difficult logistics on short notice is widely recognized in the industry. Julie has been brought on by Birch Event Design for numerous projects, working with their team on tasks such as onsite managing multi-million dollars worth of florals for a wedding in Miami. Recently, Julie joined their team for a wedding in India, supporting their talented designers on multiple production needs. Traveling to India three times over the course of six months, with one trip having only 24-hours notice, to management of local vendors, overnight set-ups, and skillfully preparing detailed production documents. Working in tandem with the designers, Julie helped pull together six separate events over three days for 500 guests in Jaipur, adding to her reputation as a top-notch producer.

With already immense career success, Julie has now set out on a new adventure with the launch of her company: SOP House. She recently relocated her homebase from New York City to Los Angeles and since then SOP House itself has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional entertainment and production ventures. SOP House focuses on providing production services to clients, event planners and other production + entertainment companies for projects that require extra support, have complicated logistics, short turn-around times, celebrity performances, international destinations, or are high-profile – the name says it all: Special Ops Production House.  The company’s meticulous planning and execution abilities were showcased during a private birthday celebration, attended by 150 guests, where they orchestrated a flawless celebrity performance. Supporting the event planner, tour manager and the rest of the team, Julie managed the contracting of a million-dollar DJ performance, the chartering of a private plane, sourced all concert-level gear, and impeccably coordinated the client’s desires and the DJ’s schedule to make the event a resounding success. Last year SOP House was also the chosen production vendor for LIV Golf’s welcome parties in the United States for their inaugural tour and they continue to take on unique and challenging productions all over the world.

Julie’s creative solutions are known for being rebellious and chic, and her team at SOP House provides dedicated service hours and 24/7 support to clients worldwide. Her passion and commitment to her clients set Julie apart, going above and beyond to ensure their events succeed. With over a decade of working together, Julie and her team have faced numerous challenges, which have only strengthened their bond. Her attention to detail guarantees a remarkable experience for everyone involved, reinforcing her dedication to both her team and clients.

Priding herself on being a mentor who generously shares her advice, Julie considers building strong relationships and finding a mentor the most critical steps in any industry. Based on her extensive experience in the event industry, she has learned that even if you plan every detail, something will inevitably go differently than planned on the day of the event. That’s why she recommends managing expectations and being ready to adjust at a moment’s notice. “Plan as much as you can, and then on the event day, just go with the flow; be ready to problem solve and adjust when needed,” Julie advises.

Continuing her success, Julie now has her sights set on even more remarkable accomplishments with SOP House. With her reputation for producing successful events, she is currently looking to take on the challenge of managing even more grandiose events and entertainment globally. Julie dreams of undertaking the production of music festivals, award shows, and maybe even the Super Bowl halftime show. Julie and SOP House become an extension of any team looking for extra support on challenging projects, events with difficult logistics or when booking a celebrity to perform and she looks forward to further securing her place among the upper echelons of the event industry.

Website : https://www.sophouse.com/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thesophouse/

SOP House’s LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/sop-house/

Julie’s LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/julieestes/

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