L.A.'s Learning Music has just dropped a new music treat just in time for Christmas: a beat-heavy cassette (yes, cassette) in gift-ribbon red — an album rightly dubbed LARGER (for the size of the sound, not the medium) featuring collabs with Julia Holter, Adult Swim bro DJ Douggpound, Mike Gao and a member of [a local band whose representative has requested his name be taken out], plus a Shakira remix (yes, Shakira). And you don't even need to drop the measly seven bones it costs to own this limited artifact (only 150 made) — you can get yr stocking stuffed for free:

That's right, 11 songs plus four bonus tracks — from the bass-damaged Gameboy glitch of “Guhgong,” to the tweaked Bassment Jaxx-like funk of “Aryan Jordan,” to the screwed future rap of “He's a Good DJ,” to a jacked-up Shakira remix — can be yours at the click of a button.

But first, listen to and download the titular collaboration between Learning Music (in this case, the collective is represented by producer Gabe Noel) and [a member of a local band whose representative has requested his name be taken out], a chilly, groove-steeped appetite-whetter featuring slap bass.

Dig it?

IF YES, then dive into the full free album over at the Learning Music archives (they release a free album a month, so click on the top bar with the tape in it).

IF NO, go over there anyway, because it's free and fully streaming and there's bound to be something you like. Did we mention the Shakira remix? Or the haunting Holter track?

Fine, twist our arm. Here are streams of those too:

Shakira – “Lo Hecho Esta Hecho (Learning Music Remix)”:

Learning Music – “Drum” (feat. Julia Holter):

Also, for the holidays, Learning Music is offering this tape and their next four CD releases for a bargain donation price of $25. Help keep a good thing going. Again, the cassette can be purchased on its own here.

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