JUFU Kicks it With His Bros: “Summer jam” is an overused expression in music, but Brooklyn rapper JUFU has dropped the perfect tune for the warmer months. “KIWMB” stands for “Kickin’ it With My Bros,” so he’s spelling out his summer plans right there in the title.

The message really is that simple: “Lately I’ve been doing my thing, kicking’ it with my bros” he states.

The song, out through 4TH and Broadway/Island Records, will be included with previous single “Laser Beam” on a new forthcoming project. That will be the follow-up to last summer’s acclaimed #GetUsedtoMe.

“We all have a light, a beam,” JUFU said via a press release. “When people try to bring you down, you keep pushing and your light (beam) shines so bright that it overpowers anything anyone can say or do to stop you. Elevate the hate.”

JUFU Kicks it With His Bros: The “KIWMB” single is out now.

LA Weekly