{mosimage}Joss Stone: Fifth Dreamgirl?

Though it was billed as “an intimate performance,” Joss Stone’s show at House of Blues two Wednesdays ago was anything but. The place was so jam-packed even the (overpriced) parking lot was full. We managed to find something several blocks away, which meant a hilly hike to the show, but it was worth it for the visual alone: Miss Stone has undergone what can only be called a total transformation. Gone are the young Brit’s Stevie Nicks–y frocks and long blond locks, replaced by big magenta curls, a sequined micro-mini dress and gobs of glitzy makeup. Girlfriend’s become a dreamgirl to rival Beyoncé: “I’m in a glittery mood with this album,” said the foxy 19-year-old as she threw sparkle dust out to the crowd. That may be, but the cuts off her “reinvention” record, Introducing Joss Stone, remain funked-out and soul-soused, with nothing to suggest she’s gone too mainstream (soundwise, anyway). Stone’s Aretha-like vocals even seem to have ripened, and just to prove she hasn’t completely abandoned her granola-girl ways, Stone was quick to slip off her metallic platform heels early in the set, prancing barefoot as she bounced to the beats of her band. The new disc comes out March 20…

Chris Judd Lives!

{mosimage}Speaking of heels, we were in awe of all the females who shook it for the DMK Carnival Choreographers Ball at the Key Club later that eve — many of whom were flipping & flying in 3-inch (and higher!) footwear. The party marked the eighth anniversary for the ball, a monthly event showcasing the latest in pop choreography (think synchronized video vampin’ and Electric Boogaloo–style breakin’). Revered dance mavens — including Travis Payne, Kristin Denehy and Shane Sparks — presented vignettes, featuring everything from pop-locking Charlie Chaplins to dueling cheerleaders (they totally “brought it”) to gothy martial-arts guys dressed as the Crow. Toni Basil presented an award to Dirty Dancing/High School Musical choreographer Kenny Ortega, after which J. Lo’s ex Chris Judd performed. (And though he’s not exactly a stud, he had the ladies in the house noticeably swooning.) Judd and crew enacted a dance-off straight outta Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” clip — complete with a gray-skinned King of Pop impersonator. Creepy.

Corndogs: Sexy?

Talk about a ladies-of-the-’80s flashback. “Oh Mickey” mama Toni Basil and“Johnny, Are You Queer?” crooner Josie Cotton — both in the same week? Strange, but true. Cotton and iconic actress Karen Black (c)aroused at the party for the new DVD film Phone Sex last Saturday — along with local legends Ginger Coyote, Pleasant Gehman and Iris Berry. (Did these chicks discover the fountain of youth or something? Nobody who’s partied that much should look this good.)

The film came together when director Steve Balderson asked his crazy array of scenester and celeb pals the question “What is sexy?” and told them to leave their answers on his phone machine. The responses he got — including bits from Ron Jeremy, Margaret Cho, Jayne County and Tura Satana — are an audio mishmash ranging from kinky to sweet to downright bizarre. (Gehman’s lascivious laundry list takes the cake.) Balderson illustrates it with stock footage and visuals both illuminating and nonsensical; the result is a tour de force of freakiness. The wine-fueled party — held at DJ Senor Amor’s groovy Hollywood shop, Retropia — had its moments too. Guests were asked to scribble their own turn-ons on heart-shaped Post-its, which they slapped on the walls and merch throughout the store: Corndogs, Clean Fingernails, Leos and the ever-subtle Cock were just a few of the answers strewn about.

Shake Your Taix

Is dirty underwear sexy? We think not, but those who do will kick themselves for having missed The Shakes and Thee Makeout Party at Taix last Saturday. During the Shakes’ revved-up set, bassist Janet Housden promised free drinks to all those willing to dance or take their clothes off — which prompted two juiced-up jokers sitting near us to make an enthusiastic jaunt to the bathroom. Upon returning, the duo swiftly threw their soiled boxers at the band, who didn’t seem to realize what the flying objects were at first… we think. (Keyboardist Dan Collins put one pair on his head, wearing it for a whole number.) Though no Hanes-inspired hijinks occurred during Thee Makeout Party’s ’70s-bubblegum-psych set, the young lads got the crowd so excited we expected an immediate stripping of striped shirts. (Is it just us, or is everyone on the Eastside wearing striped shirts lately?) This band, featuring former members of The Willowz, are something else: They look like the Lords of Dogtown kids, act like the Napoleon Dynamite kids and sound like the Brady Bunch on acid. Just an average night at the ancient Echo Park eaterie — which, according to booker Mason, has been showcasing live music five nights a week for three years now. No cover charge, cheap drinks, dark ambience, decent sound, and a vibe that’s welcoming to both aging Shriners and hellion first-timers. Now that’s what we call sexy.

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