Joseph Mahon and David Haskell

The pop-up restaurant — the happy medium somewhere between the restaurant, the food truck, a tent and the chef's own kitchen — is a sudden, brief and often inspired creation, an event simply because of its transitory nature. The latest of these extended dinner parties from chef Joseph Mahon, recently executive chef number somethingorother of Bastide and David Haskell (BIN 8945, Vertical Wine Bistro), will take place March 6-10 at Nirvana in Beverly Hills.

This is the third installment from the duo, who call their pop-up events Magnum. Mahon just sent us the menu, which he characterized as having a vague Indian theme, in homage to the restaurant at which Magnum is popping-up, but that the menu is mostly “just him.” The two previous incarnations took place at Biergarten and at Pal Cabron. Turn the page for the details.

Credit: My Last Bite

Credit: My Last Bite

Mahon's menu this time around will consist of lettuce soup with Parmesan custard and roasted bay scallops; wild mushroom salad with smoked salmon, shaved goat cheese, scrambled eggs and fried tarragon; foie gras terrine with pineapple and cashews; red wine risotto with fennel-bacon salad; ocean trout with cauliflower, capers and tangerines; strip steak with crispy bone marrow, broccoli and ginger jus; and for dessert, a banana clafoutis with coconut-cinnamon-maple syrup cream. There will be apps in the lounge too: sliders, crispy cheese and tuna tartare toasts. And yes, Mr. Haskell will be on hand to make sure that the event is properly lubricated: his take on classic cocktails will be served in the lounge. 5 courses will be available for $58.

Mahon, who left Bastide in late November, says that this latest incarnation of Magnum reflected their attempt “to move westward.” “It's a bigger venue,” Mahon said, with a professional kitchen. “It's harder than you'd think,” the chef said about the pop-up concept. “There are a lot of personalities involved.” Mahon says that he and Haskell have “many more” pop-up events planned for the future. “It's not about getting the deal. It's about getting the right deal. We're always trying to talk to people, to proposition them, so to speak.”

For reservations, call (323) 789- 4648 or email

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